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Device management, port control, encryption of removable media, encryption of hard drives (laptops)

DriveLock is a fully integrated IT security solution which works on all fat clients, thin clients and zero clients and which protects your data on the end device, on the internet or in the cloud. No backdoor! Drivelock thus guarantees at all times maximum security for data in your company.

•   Encryption
By using Drivelock's certified encryption you can avoid data theft and losses,  no matter whether on removable media or in the cloud.
•    Interface monitoring
DriveLock's centrally configurable access enables finely tuned control of all drive types and permission models.
•   Application control
With minimal configuration work, you can define which applications are used by which device – and which not.
•   DriveLock for thin clients
Our unique interface control for thin clients and virtual desktops ensure secure data transfer and are just as simple to configure as normal workstations.
•  Security awareness
DriveLock actively supports you with the aid of time-controlled security campaigns and boosts employees' awareness of security.
•   Antivirus
DriveLock Antivirus offers optimum protection against external threats, providing maximum flexibility and simple and intuitive operation.
•   Web security
The built-in DriveLock URL filter offers you real-time protection independently of location or network and thus protects all of your employees' devices in any location on the basis of the same policies for your company.
•   DriveLock for MSSP (SECAAS)
Thanks to efficient setting-up and management, this service can be provided for multiple clients, and also with separate permissions.
•  DriveLock mobile
Simple but secure exchange of documents between companies, customers and private individuals. The Mobile Encryption application can be provided on Sync memory for external access.


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