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Network monitoring solution with graphical overview and alarms.

NetCrunch combines the monitoring of network infrastructure devices such as switches, routers, and printers with the monitoring of servers, applications and virtualization technologies.

•    Monitoring the network infrastructure:
NetCrunch monitors network services, switches, routers, bandwidths, NetFlow and also the up & down status, files, web, IP SLA and more. In addition the tool offers not only a visualization of port mapping and Layer-2 cards but also full SNMP support including a MIB compiler and 3500+ MIBs.
•    Monitoring of servers, applications and visualization:
NetCrunch monitors servers and workstations: Windows, VMware ESXi, Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD. In addition, the tool offers monitoring of virtual machines, files, folders, and internet pages. User-defined scripts can be executed or data sent to NetCrunch by HTTP and a simple API. You can manage the status, logs and system performance.
•    Alarms and event management:
You receive notifications from SNMP traps and syslog messages. Collect the Windows event log and monitor the text logs. There is an advanced alarm correlation and conditional alerts. The alarms can trigger corrective action including a remote execution and you can set various triggers on the performance parameters.


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